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Surfhouse Peru Punta Hermosa

Surfvacation in the Surfhouse partner surfcamp in Peru- a surftrip into the oldest surfculture on earth

Peru has one of the oldest surf cultures in the world with totora reed horses (caballitos) being ridden since 2400BC. Peru was host to the World Surfing Championships, in 1965 and the world was awoken to the potential of one of the most ancient of surfing countries. One of the most consistant surfzones year around with ideal conditions for every surflevel is waiting for you.

The capital Lima, sits on the shores of the Pacifik and has quickly become Peru´s surf city. Just half an hour south the region around Punta Hermosa is perfect to escape the crowds and enjoy perfect waves. Headland after headland offer perfect righthand Pointbreaks ( as well as lefts too), Reefbreaks and Beachbreaks in walking distance from our surfcamp.

You don´t need a Visa for Peru. You can fill out a 90 day Vacation-Visa when you arrive at the airport. Also there is no need of any injections for the coastal area around Lima.